Garden Glory’s Glamorous Scandinavian Gardening Tools Go Beyond Green

Garden Glory’s Glamorous Scandinavian Gardening Tools Go Beyond Green

As an avid gardener I receive my fair share of catalogs and emails from gardening supply retailers, each advertising all varieties of tools to coax growth from soil. Understandably, most gardening tools place an emphasis on utility over beauty (exceptions with both: here and here). That’s what makes Scandinavian gardening supplier Garden Glory a fresh aesthetic respite, offering a catalog of garden tools and accessories embracing the notion our home gardens can be accessorized with beautiful tools for living just like our interiors.

After searching for a simple white garden hose, Garden Glory’s founder Linda Brattlöf felt compelled to start her own line of more fashionable options, beginning first with hoses and holders before expanding out to additional tools. Expanding from the usual garden greens and blacks, Brattlöf’s hoses and holders are offered in gold, rose, aquamarine, grey, eucalyptus, and of course, white, accessorized with claw and horn wall mounted holders evoking architectural filigree of yore (a traditional option is offered too).

A glamorous theme runs throughout the Garden Glory catalog, with a diamond faceted silhouette gracing watering cans and bird feeders with cheeky aplomb; a subtle jewel-themed selection of fancy golden spades seems to embrace and redefine the label of “gold digger” too.

Whimsical lion and monkey themed indoor plant pots offer a nod to the menagerie of shapes and themes that once graced some of the grandest gardens of yesterday – but are now perfectly suited to host your fiddle leaf fig or monstera with a knowing wink.

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